To be able to use the shift scheduler you must first set up the following:

  • Office locations
  • Work Timings

The first step in creating your schedules, is defining one or more "Work Centers".
A work center is a group of shift employees rotating between one or more (1) shift timings, and (2) office locations, and managed by a Scheduler - who is responsible for ensuring the offices are adequately staffed with the right employees for all the shifts.

To build a work center follow the below steps:

Step 1: Under Configuration, click on Attendance, and expand Work Timings. Edit the default settings and continue to Add New timings as needed

  • You can enable breaks to your timings by setting the total duration of a break which employees can take at any time. If employees exceed the allowed break duration, it will be highlighted in red in your attendance report. 

Step 2: Create your work centers by expanding Work Centers and click on Add New

  • Fill in the details of your new Work Center by selecting an employee who will be responsible for scheduling shifts for this group, the shift timings included and the offices you want to staff in this center


  • You cannot assign the same location to multiple work centers
  • Employees you wish to assign as schedulers/owners, must be assigned the Scheduler permission as highlighted above. Click here to learn more about roles and permissions.
  • If all your employees will be managed by the same Scheduler, you can create one work center with all your shift employees and locations. 

Step 3: Select the shift employees who belong to this work center by clicking on the employee name or using the search bar

  • You can make edits to your work centers by clicking on the edit button as shown below
  • To enable image capturing upon check-in to confirm employee identify you can turn on the image capturing option as shown below. Click here to learn more about image capturing. 
  • Now that you've set up your work centers you can start scheduling your shifts. Click here to learn how. 
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