On Bayzat, employees can view all their published shifts in a weekly view.

Under the menu tab, click on My Schedule. (you can also check your schedule by going to the Work tab at the bottom and clicking on My schedule)


  • Each shift will display the day, date, branch/office, and shift timing

  • Days off, leaves, public holidays, and weekend days will be marked accordingly

To check in and check out of your shift every day, follow the steps below

Step 1: On your Bayzat app, click on the Attendance check in widget on your home page and then click on 'Check in' at the start of your shift as you enter your shift location to mark your presence.

Step 2: Once you are done with your work shift for the day, click on the Attendance widget on home page of your Bayzat app and then click on 'Check out' as you leave your shift location to indicate ending your shift on time.

Note: You will receive a push mobile notification when your shifts are published or when they are changed.

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