To activate attendance, please make sure you have:

  1. Downloaded the Bayzat app on your smart phone

  2. Registered and activated your account

  3. Enabled location services for the Bayzat app 

How to Check In

On your Bayzat app, you will be able to see the Attendance check in widget on your home screen. Once you've clicked on it, Bayzat detects your location and defines if you’re inside or outside the office.

  • If out of office is enabled, you can check-in from outside the office, otherwise, the check-in button will be disabled

  • You can leave a comment where applicable to be viewed by the Admin and your Line Manager

  • If your employer has enabled image capturing, you will be prompted to snap a picture to be uploaded with your check-in time

You will see your real-time hours worked under the Work tab and can access your own attendance reports by clicking either on the icon or on Attendance as shown below. You can change your date range to run customized reports.

How to Check Out

On your Bayzat app, click on Attendance > Check-out. Like check ins, you can leave a comment where needed.


  • You get notified 10 mins before every check in or check out as a reminder to mark your presence on the app 

  • If you’ve missed a check in on time and tried to check in late, you get a warning message that you've exceeded the allowed late check in time, but you can still check in late or will be marked as absent

  • If you're on a day off/on leave, it will be visible and you will not be required to check in/out

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