While setting up attendance, you can enable out of office check in. This allows your employees to mark their presence at work and calculate daily working hours if working from home or other remote locations.

The app will detect employee location upon check in and check out, which can be viewed in attendance reports.

How to enable out of office attendance check-ins

  • Settings > Configuration > Attendance
  • Expand your office timings to view all the timings and click on the edit icon to adjust your settings for each timing
  • Enable the out of office option as shown below and update.
  • When employees check in out of office, they will view their check in location with a note that they are checking out of office. 

How to view out of office details and location

To view check details navigate to Attendance Reports, an out of office mark and location pin will be visible under check in and check out times

  • Click on the location pin to view the exact location the employee has checked in from

Note: You can make edits to work timings if needed

Click here to learn how to check in on the Bayzat app.  

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