How to view reports on visit locations and time spent on visits?

Who can view reports?

  • Super Admin

  • Attendance Manager

  • Line Manager (can only view reports for employees who report to them).

The above mentioned Admins can view reports on visit locations & time spent on visits under Attendance > Attendance Report. The different attendance reports that can be accessed are:

  • Daily Report

  • Custom Report

  • Location Report

1. Daily Report

Under the ‘Locations Visited’ column, you will be able to see the total number of locations visited by the employee on a selected day/date.

When you click on the number of locations it will open a pop-up

  • It will show you a full attendance breakdown, with a map view including the pins of locations visited.

  • You can edit employee check-in/out, visit start/end timings in the text fields.

  • Click on 'Update' once the changes are made.

2. Custom Report

Under the ‘Total Locations Visited’ column, you will be able to see the total number of locations visited in a selected date range by the employee.

When you click on the number of locations, it will open a pop-up that shows a breakdown of -

  • The total number of locations visited.

  • The total meeting hours for each day in the selected range.

Once you have entered the date range and applied the necessary filters, you can download the attendance report either as a Cumulative report or a Breakdown report.

3. Location Report

The Location Report contains 3 columns:

  • Location

  • Total number of visits at that location

  • Total hours spent at each location

When you click on a 'client location' in the report, it opens a pop-up that will display:

  • The list of employees that visited this location

  • Date visited

  • Name of Employee/s

  • Visit Start Time

  • Visit End Time

  • Total Hours

Mobile Daily Attendance Report

You can also view the multiple visits attendance report on the Bayzat app on your mobile phone.

In the attendance daily report on mobile, when you click on a specific employee attendance card, the detailed view will open and display:

  • Check-in time, check out time and location

  • Hours worked

  • Break hours

  • Total visit hours

  • Extra hours

The 'Full Breakdown' option will list the timeline of all attendance actions taken by the employee.

Clicking on the 'Edit Timings' option will allow you to make edits to the check in/out, visit start/end timings, and break out/in timings.

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