You can run and download 3 types of reports on attendance:

  1. Daily Report - includes the daily details of attendance and total hours worked for all employees and can also be viewed for a single employee on their profile

  2. Custom Report - includes count of hours worked, days present/absent, number of early departures, and late arrivals within a specified date range.

  3. Location Report - includes the details of the multiple locations visited by an employee and the total time spent at each location.

Attendance Reports can be generated by Admins (to view all the data for all employees) and Line Managers (to view data relevant to their individual team).

To access your Attendance Reports, under Attendance click on Attendance Report

1. Daily Reports

Select a specific date to view all check-in and check-out timings for all employees on a single day and use the filters shown below to filter down to specific departments, offices, teams reporting to individual managers or by status.

Clicking on the Edit icon highlighted below allows you to edit employee attendance records

You can view and make changes to any of the following:

  • Clicking on the chat icon, allows you to make comments on specific attendance points where employees will be notified and can comment on the same

  • Edit the check in, check out, and break timings for each day

  • View employee image to verify identity

  • Create a leave request if an employee is off on that day


  • By default, all employees are marked as absent at the beginning of each day until they check in for the day or have an approved leave for the day

  • Check in time is highlighted in red if you have checked in later than the defined grace period. For e.g. if your shift starts at 9:00, and the defined grace period for late arrivals is 30 mins, but you check in 1 hour late at 10:00.

  • Check out time is highlighted in red if you have checked out earlier than the defined grace period e.g. For e.g. if your shift ends at 6:00, and the defined grace period for early departure is 30 mins, but you check out 1 hour early at 5:00.

2. Custom Reports

Select any date range you wish to view attendance related data for in the date field and run filters as needed.

Clicking on any of the column data points below will show you:

  1. Days Present - all check in and check out data for all the days employee was present during the date range

  2. Days Absent -  all the days employee was absent during the date range

  3. Days On Leave - all days the employee was on leave during the date range

  4. Late Arrivals - all check in data for all the days employees checked in late during the date range 

  5. Early Departure - all check out data for all the days employees checked out early during the date range

3. Location Report

The Location Report contains 3 columns:

  • Location

  • Total number of visits at that location

  • Total hours spent at each location

When you click on a 'client location' in the report, it opens a pop-up that will display:

  • The list of employees that visited this location

  • Date visited

  • Name of Employee/s

  • Visit Start Time

  • Visit End Time

  • Total Hours

Attendance Reports on Mobile View

Line Managers can access the Daily Attendance Report only for their teams while admins can access the same for all employees under 'Manager' view on the Bayzat app as shown below.

  • Click on Change to select any single date for attendance data

  • Edits and comments can be made on each record and employees will be notified

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