How to start and end multiple visits on the mobile app?

  1. The employee must first Check-in for the day.

  2. Employees can start a visit from:

    1. Attendance widget on the Home page.

    2. Attendance widget on the Work tab.

  3. Select the 'More' button to see the ‘Start Visit’ option.

  4. Once you select ‘Start Visit’, you will be shown a map view with pins of any visit locations in your radius.

  5. You can then select the location you are visiting from the list and click 'Start Visit'.

  6. Once you are done with your meeting, you can come back to the same screen to ‘End Visit’.

  7. You can repeat this action multiple times for each location you visit during the day.

How to add a visit location when starting a visit?

When an employee chooses to start a visit, but the location they are at does not appear on the list, they will have the ability to add their current location to the list.

In order to create a visit location:

  1. Select 'Add your current location' on the location selection page when starting a visit.

  2. You will then have to enter these details:

    1. Location Name

    2. Current Location (will be automatically fetched from google maps)

    3. Address (this field will be auto-filled and the user can edit if they choose)

    4. Client (optional)

    5. Click on 'Save'

Note: When to create a location?

  • You will only be shown locations that are within your radius to start the visit.

  • It is best if you reach the exact meeting spot and then check the list.

  • If the location still does not appear on the list, you may proceed to add your current location.

How to view a timeline of the visits in my attendance?

You can view your attendance report by going under Attendance > My Attendance

  1. When you click on an attendance card, it will take you to the detailed view.

  2. Here you can view a full breakdown of locations visited and timings.

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