As an employee, if you have worked for extra hours and you are a part of the 'Overtime policy' or 'Days in lieu policy' then you can request for compensation.

Step 1

While checking out of attendance on the Bayzat app, you will be able to see the message as shown below, if you have worked extra hours for the day.

You can either send a request for compensation by selecting Send Request and Checkout or simply click on Checkout if you do not want to request compensation.

Step 2

If you decide to request compensation, then you will be asked to select the exact number of extra hours worked for which you want compensation.

Note: You can only decrease the number of extra worked hours; you cannot increase the extra worked hours.

Step 3

Once the extra hours are entered, click on Send Request. The request goes for approval to the line manager and/or any other admin in the approval hierarchy.

Step 4

As an employee, you will receive a notification on your Bayzat app once the compensation request is approved.

Step 5

You can view the status of your overtime requests, from your Bayzat app under the Attendance section. All extra hours requests with their status will be seen under Time and Pay adjustments tab as shown below -

The request is marked with a yellow flag if the status is -

  • Pending Review

  • Reviewed

  • Assigned to payroll

  • Assigned to time off

  • Added to payroll table

The request is marked with a green flag if the status is -

  • Added to time off

  • Added to payroll (processed)

The request is marked with a red flag if the status is -

  • Rejected

Step 6

You can click on the request tab to view the detailed description

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