There are 5 statuses for an expense request:

  1. Pending Requests: All requests submitted in pending status and yet to be approved or rejected

  2. Approved: Requests that have been approved by all approvers

  3. Rejected: Requests that have been rejected by any of the approvers in the flow

  4. Payment Queue: All approved requests in queue to be paid in current open payrun. The expense will appear on the payroll table but can be moved back to the approved status if needed. 

  5. Paid: Expense has been paid either with the payrun or separately by marking as paid.

Each of the statuses can be viewed and actioned from the Work Expenses tab under Payroll as shown below

Once a request is submitted by an employee, it is visible under the Pending Requests tab where you can review it, add comments and action it to approve or reject the request.

  • You can also change the status or a request or make any edits to a work expense by clicking on the menu icon.

  • As an Expense Approver in the Approval Flow, you can also action any request on your Bayzat mobile app under the manager tab.

  • Clicking on any of the expense cards shows you more details where you can also comment and tag members as needed.

Employees assigned any of the following roles can review and edit Work Expenses

  • Line Manager - if part of the approval flow

  • Expense Manager

  • Payroll Table Manager

  • Transaction Processor

  • Super Admin

Click here to learn more about approval flows.

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