You can create a work expense reimbursement for an employee on their individual profile under their Payroll tab or directly from the Work Expenses tab.


1. Employee Profile

Go to the profile of the employee for whom you want to create the work expense reimbursement request > Payroll tab > Work Expenses > click on Add Expense Reimbursement.

2. Work Expenses tab

In the side menu, under the Payroll module, click on the Work expenses tab, and then click on Add Expense Reimbursement to create your request.

Step 1

You can upload a receipt to automatically extract the expense details using our OCR technology or skip to upload at a later step.

Step 2

Fill in the details of the work expense (amount, details, client) and click Submit Request.

Step 3

The request will automatically be approved as it is submitted by an Admin on behalf of an employee. Click on the Approved tab to view the request.

Click here to learn more about managing work expense requests and processing for payment. 

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