On Bayzat you can manage your entire payroll process all online. Payroll is divided into 3 core features, you can choose to use all features or only those that fit your internal company processes. 

1 - Payroll Management

Payroll management includes the following activities you can prepare and run on the platform:

  • Salary calculations and adjustments to include basic, allowances, deductions and any other salary components on your payroll table every month
  • Closing payroll when needed for (1) all employees, (2) individuals/groups at different times of the month, (3) certain components of salary payments only¬†
  • Generating SIF files for any closed payrun to be processed via WPS
  • Generating Payslips upon closing payrun

2 - Expense Management

  • Submitting and approving reimbursements throughout the month to be added to individual employee salaries or paid in advance of a pay cycle all stored and managed online

3- Payroll Processing

  • Utilizing our Bayzat/Al Ansari Exchange partnership to process and pay out salaries to employees on a monthly basis at no cost.

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