Carry forward on Bayzat allows you to close a payroll month with any unpaid pay components that can be moved to the following month's payroll. 

How does it work?

  • Unpaid Variable Pay (any non-fixed component) - moved to the following month's payroll under the same category on the table.

  • Unpaid Fixed Pay (basic and allowance) - moved to the following month's payroll visible under the Arrears column on the table.

How to close payroll with unpaid items?

1. Un-check the items you do not wish to pay and click on Submit Transaction.

In the example below, the month will be closed without paying allowances, commission and overtime 

  • Your paid items will be marked with a "paid" remark if the month remains open as shown below.

Click on the payroll menu icon (3 dotted icon) and select the close payroll month option (you can also navigate to the same page by clicking on the transactions tab) to close the month with unpaid items.

3. Review your paid and unpaid amounts - you will be shown amounts paid to date for each currency and all unpaid amounts yet to be paid.

Review the employee breakdown of the carried forward amounts in each currency.

5. Confirm closing the payrun with unpaid items for the month as this action cannot be undone.

  • Any unpaid fixed pay items (basic and allowance) will be visible under a column titled Arrears for the next month as shown below.

  • Any unpaid variable pay, additions, work expenses and deductions will be pushed as they are to the following month under their respective columns.

  • Clicking on an employee row, shows you a break down of all amounts to be paid, processed and unpaid with additional remarks for each category.

Click here to learn more about submitting payroll transactions on Bayzat. 

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