What are Multiple visits?

The Multiple Visits feature provides an employee the ability to capture all their external meetings or site visits throughout the day.

For example, an employee has 2 project sites to visit today:

  • He starts his day at the office and checks in on the Bayzat app.

  • Once at Project Site 1, he 'starts the visit', and once done, he can 'end the visit'.

  • This can be done multiple times in a day.

Purpose of Multiple Visits

Employees can easily log their client meetings locations & timings, and as Admins and managers, you can:

  • Verify if an employee has actually visited a client’s office/project site.

  • Track the time an employee spends at each location they visit.

  • View reports on the total number of visits & total time spent by an employee at different locations.

To start using the Multiple Visits, you must first:

  1. Set up your attendance module for check-in and check-out

  2. Set up permission for multiple visits

  3. Set up Visit Location

How to set up permission for Multiple Visits?

Super Admins or Attendance Managers can configure permissions for multiple visits under Configuration > Attendance > Multiple Visits

  1. You can choose to enable/disable the multiple visits feature for employees using the 'Enable Multiple Visits' toggle.

  2. You can choose to give employees the option to add their current location when starting a visit (useful when the visit location has not been pre-defined by the admin).

    • This is done using the ‘Allow employees to create visit location’ toggle.

    • This toggle can only be switched on if the 'Enable Multiple Visits' toggle is ON.

Note: When these toggles are switched on, all employees in the company will have access to these functionalities.

How to set up Visit Locations?

Super Admins, Attendance Managers, or Line Managers can setup visit locations under Configuration > Attendance > Multiple Visits > Visit Locations

Similar to setting up offices for attendance, you can now define locations your employees visit for out-of-office client meetings or site work.

  1. You can set up a new visit location by clicking on the 'Add New' button.

  2. This will open a pop-up screen with a map view.

  3. You'll need to enter:

    1. Name of Location

    2. Location

      • Can search for the location & select it.

      • Coordinates will be received from google maps.

    3. Radius (meters)

      • This defines the distance an employee must be from the client's office to be able to 'start a visit'.

      • Minimum radius is 50m

    4. Client name (optional)

Once this has been set up, your employees can start and end multiple visits on the Bayzat app after they have checked into attendance for the day.

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