The Kiosk mode can be used to mark and track the attendance for -

  • Blue-collared employees

  • Employees who do not have smartphones

  • Employees who do not have an email ID

  • Employees who are not allowed to use their phones at work

The basic concept is that we can switch the Bayzat app to a Kiosk mode where employees can perform their check in/check out actions with image capture. This mode works both on smartphones and tablets (iOS & Android)

To use the Kiosk mode for employees, it is advisable to capture the image of the employees when they check in and out of attendance. To do this, go to Configuration > Attendance > General > click on the toggle to Enable Image Capture.

Note: This feature can be enabled by the Super Admin, Time Off Manager and People Manager

Once you do this, you are all set to use the Kiosk mode for marking the check in and check out timings of your employees.

Below are the steps to get an understanding of how to mark the attendance

Step 1 - The Line Manager, Super Admin, or People Manager must log in to the Bayzat app and click on the icon highlighted below

Click on Manager view and go to Attendance daily report as shown below -

Step 2 - Under the Attendance daily report, click on the icon highlighted below to switch to Kiosk mode

Click on Switch to Kiosk Mode

Select the Office the employee is assigned to

Confirm by clicking on Switch to Kiosk Mode

Step 3 - One can then see all the employees who need to be checked in or checked out.

Note: Time Off Manager /People Manager/Super Admin will see all employees, whereas a Line Manager will only see the list of employees who report to them

Step 4 - You can then search for employees in the search bar by entering the Employee ID or Employee name in it and then click on Check in.

The check in time would then be captured when you click on the Check in button as shown below -

Step 5 - Once you click on the Check in button in Step 4, you will be prompted to take the image of the employee from your tablet or smartphone camera

Once you take the picture, you will be asked to give final confirmation for check in. Once you confirm and click on Yes, the check in time and location would be captured in the attendance report for that particular day.

Note: The process for check out also remains the same. All that needs to be done is to click on the Check out option as shown below and you will be again prompted for taking the employee image via your smartphone or tablet camera. The check out time and location would then be captured.

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