The Shift Scheduler feature enables schedulers to create, assign and publish work shifts to employees with different work timings and locations as needed.

With the Repeating Shifts feature, you can -

  • Copy/paste shifts from one schedule onto another

  • Copy/paste shifts for more than one employee

  • Schedule shifts for more than one week

  • Filter the weekly view by employee/offices/shifts

Note: If you want to undo a pasted shift, the Undo option will be visible at the bottom of the page for one minute.

To use the Repeating Shifts feature, please go through the steps mentioned below -

Step 1: On the dashboard, under the Attendance module, click on Shift Scheduler

Step 2: Copy an employee's shift by hovering over the icon next to each employee’s name as can be seen in the image below -

The copy function/icon next to the employee’s name expands allowing the shift scheduler to copy the shifts of that employee.

Once copied, the shift scheduler will be taken to another paste screen.

Step 3: Paste employee’s shift and assign to other employees

As a Shift Scheduler, once you click on the copy button, you will be taken to the paste screen. This screen will show the copied shifts, the dates, shifts numbers, and assigned offices.

Under Paste details, select the following:

  • Under Paste shifts to the following days, select the date range to which the shifts should be entered. Note: the minimum date range for the shifts to be pasted into is one day and the maximum date range is 90 days.

  • Under Select employees, select all the employees to whom the shift should be copied (drop-down menu with the potential employees to select from).

  • If you want to Overwrite draft shifts for selected employees, check the box beside it.

  • Once the changes have been made, click on Apply.

Note: The paste option will cover weekends. Paste option will not cover:

  • Day Off

  • Public Holiday

  • Published Shifts

  • On Leave

Shifts cannot be pasted into previous dates.

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