Who can be assigned as a Work Center owner to create and view shifts?

  • Super Admin

  • People Manager

  • Any employee assigned the Shift Scheduler role under Role Management.

Can I assign 2 shifts to an employee for the same day - one morning and one night?

No, you can only assign 1 shift per day for each employee.

Can I duplicate a weekly shift schedule?

Yes, you can now duplicate weekly shift schedules.

When do I create more than 1 Work Center?

You should create multiple Work Centers if you have different managers/multiple managers responsible for scheduling shifts for different groups of employees.


  • Manager 1 - responsible for staff shifts in Ibn Battuta, Mall of Emirates and Marina Mall branches

  • Manager 2 - responsible for staff shifts in Dubai Mall, Mirdiff City Center and Deira City Center branches

Is it possible to get approvals on shifts schedules prior to publishing?

No, currently this is not possible. If you have an existing approval flow, you can create the schedules and save them as drafts, and then have the final approver review and publish when ready.

What is the difference between work timings and shift timings?

Work timings - fixed work timings for non-shift employees. Visible on the work tab and affects your daily attendance check in and check out timings.

Shift timings - variable work timings that frequently change for shift employees. Visible on the shift schedule for each week and affects attendance check in and check out to shifts.

Can I move employees from one Work Center to another?

Yes you can, under Work Center configurations, click edit employees to remove employees and add them to another center.

My Work Center owner has left the company, what should I do?

When a Work Center owner is offboarded or deleted, you will receive a message notifying you to assign a new owner before deleting/offboarding the existing owner.

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