With the Letter Request feature:

  • The HR manager will now be able to set up custom letter templates based on the company requirements.

  • The HR manager can keep track of all employee letter requests and approve or deny the employee letter request as per needs.

  • Employees will now be able to request common HR letters, view the status of the request, and download the letter once approved.

What is our goal?

  • Reduce back and forth communication for letter requests.

  • Eliminate time spent on data fields when creating new letters.

How to create, add variables, and style a new Letter Request template

The Letter Request templates can only be created by a user with the 'Super Admin' role.

Create a Letter Request Template

  • Go to the side menu > Configuration

  • Click on the Letter Templates tab

  • Click the option Create New Template

  • Fill in the Template Name, select the Authorized Signatory from the drop-down, and leave a note for your employees (optional)

  • Click on Continue to Editor to create content of your Letter

Style and Add variables to the Letter Request Template

You can add variables to generate customized letters.

The search bar will allow you to search for variables by entering relevant tags, for eg. by searching by first or last name.

Variables will be categorized into various headers which include most commonly used variables like personal details, work details, document details, payroll details, etc.

You can now set up the paragraph and styling with the functions as per the design. You can also change the font size/color, add paragraphs as required.

Click on Open to add an existing word document as your template and adjust the format if need be.

Once the format is created, you can Preview as well as Print the template and finally click on Save Template once all the changes are done.

Note - These variables selected while creating a template help in automatically extracting the data from the relevant fields on the platform from an employee's profile when they request any Letter.

Please click on the below links to learn further about Letter Request Template

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