Editing the template

HR Managers can edit the content and add variables to generate letters easily just like any other Word document:

Adding Objects

  • Start fresh Template

  • Open an existing Word template on your system and start editing

  • Undo or Redo any changes

  • Add image in the template

  • Add table

  • You can also add links to the template

  • Bookmark a template

  • Create the Table of contents

  • Set up the header and footer of the letter using the options in the editor

  • Add page number or Break the page as desired

  • You can also use the Find function

Editing the Template content

The user can edit any information in the writing area of the document.

There will be an editor to add and style the content in the letter.

  • The styling will be on the right side of the editor where the user can change the font, sizes, make the content bold, italic, underline, etc. if required.

  • If there is more than one page, there will be a page number for each page at the right end of the page.

  • By default, the page will be of A4 size.

  • The default font will be Arial and other font options can be fetched from google fonts.

The HR can also add certain variables in the content which will be extracted from the respective employee's profile when requested.

The variable section is located at the left side of the editor panel which includes -

  • Search bar - user can search variables by entering relevant tags for eg. by searching first name or last name etc.

  • Variables are categorized into various headers which include most commonly used variables, personal details, work details, document details, payroll details.

  • Once the user types the variable in an editor like 'first' then the editor should suggest the first name and similar variables in the dropdown.

Editor header section

The HR manager has the below actions to choose from once the template is ready -

  1. The page status will be displayed under the page name at the top right corner.

    • If it's a new page it will be displayed as Active

    • If it's an existing page going through any Edit along with Active status, the original template creation time will also be displayed

  2. Save Template

  3. Preview

  4. Print

  5. More Options can be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots

    • Print

    • Download as PDF

    • Close Editor

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