Step 1

Go to the Endorsements, click on New removal, click on Employees, select the profile of the employee whose dependent has to be removed.


Go to the Health Insurance in the employee’s profile, go to dependent's health insurance under Dependents, and click on Remove.

Step 2

Add in the requisite details! Don’t forget to add extra comments or requirements in the free text box at the bottom of the page. E.g. request COC.

Step 3

Take a look at what the expected TATs are so you know when (if at all) you need to follow up with us!

Step 4

Go back to Endorsements to track your removals. If you have requested a COC, it can be downloaded here.


You can now save drafts of every endorsement request you make, so that you can work on it later. Please make sure you click on the Save as Draft option to ensure your work is saved.

Once everything is finalized, you can come back to the Endorsements page and click on Continue Submission to complete the endorsement process.

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