Upon submitting a request to remove an employee from your insurance policy, you can track the status of your request and completion dates online.

Under Endorsements, click on Removals and hover of the request status to view the progress and completion dates for each stage.

  • The Submitted column indicates the date the endorsement was submitted to Bayzat on the platform.

  • The Effective date column indicates the estimate date the endorsement is expected to be completed by. If the effective date has the changed, the info icon will appear. Hover over it to see the reason for change (Second image below).

There are 4 main stages, explained below:

  1. Under Review - your request and documents have been received by our team and is currently being reviewed.

  2. With Insurer - your request is submitted to the insurer and is under process.

  3. Attention Required - there are any missing documents required, you will receive an email notifying you of the missing information we need.

  4. Removal Completed - the policy is deactivated and the employee has successfully been removed from your health insurance policy.

Please check the completion date for each stage as your request is being processed. If the turn around time for your addition has passed, please send us an email at endorsements@bayzat.com, with the name of your employee and company in the email subject line and we will get back to you with updates.

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