As an Admin you can submit and track medical claims on behalf of employees (and dependents) in your company. You can submit claims if you are a Super Admin, Insurance Manager or People Manager on Bayzat.

  • Under Health Insurance on your Dashboard click on Employee Claims

  • You will be directed to the employee claims dashboard as shown below. Click on New Claim to submit a new claim on behalf of an employee or dependent

  • Fill in the employee details by selecting employee/dependent name, ensuring there is an insurance card copy uploaded and input the date and amount of the treatment

  • Upload the required claim documents (claim form, receipts, reports, prescriptions etc.) in each of the specific sections

  • Fill in the employee bank details. It will be auto-populated for you if your employee payroll data is stored on Bayzat. 

  • Check the employee notification box if you would like the employee to receive status updates on their submitted claim. If unchecked, only you will receive the updates.

  • Once a claim is submitted, you can track the progress of the claim on your claims dashboard. you will be notified of missing documents and claim updates.

If you have any questions, please use our online/mobile chat box or send us an email at and we will help you!

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