Under Payroll, click on Payroll Table to view and start working with your monthly payroll table for all your employees.

If you are paying employees in different currencies, each will be visible in a separate tab as shown below with the associated employees paid in that specific currency. 

On the payroll table you can do the following activities:

1- Editing salary components 

  • Click on an employee row and edit components as needed on the payroll pop up window (you can also navigate to their profile if needed)

2 - Filtering payroll data

  • There are 5 core filters and a search filter as shown below to pinpoint employee payroll data

  • You can also customize your payroll view to include/exclude specific payroll components by un-checking any of the fields shown below

3- Downloading payroll data 

  • Downloading entire payroll or applying filters and selecting employees as needed to download the filtered list into an excel format (each currency table will be visible in a separate tab)

Click to learn more about submitting payroll transactions and closing your monthly payroll.

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