Congratulations on adding another person to your work family!

Here are the ways in which you can add the employees to your company profile:

A. Add a Single Employee and invite:

Add employee: Go to the Employees section and click on the Add Employee option to add a single employee as shown below -

Once you click on Add Employee, you can easily add an employee by entering minimal details like first name, last name, nationality, and work email id. Other details are optional as shown below -

Invite Employee: Now, if you want to Invite the employee at the same time, click on the check box at the bottom, input the Work Email id and click on Create.

B. Add multiple employees via Excel bulk import:

Click on the drill-down arrow as highlighted below -

Excel bulk import - Clicking on this option takes you to the below screen

All you need to do here is -

  1. Click on Download Excel Sheet and enter the employee data in the downloaded excel template by clicking on . Do not add any new rows or columns to this sheet as this is a system-generated template.

  2. Once you enter the required data, upload the same template back by clicking on Upload Excel. The minimal required fields to upload an excel are as follows -

A. First name

B. Last name

C. Employee/Dependent (select this from the drop-down)

D. Nationality

C. Add and invite a Single Employee with just basic information:

Click on the drill-down arrow as highlighted below -

Invite employees - Clicking on this option takes you to the below screen

This option can be used when you do not have too many details of the employee and want to send out an invite to them so that they can fill in most of their personal details. If required, you can also add an introductory message for the employee in the content section.

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