On Bayzat, you can add and store details related to all your company assets given to employees and manage the status of these assets online.

  • Under Company, click on Company Assets. This is your Assets overview dashboard showing you the 'Total', 'Assigned', 'Available' and 'In Repair' assets uploaded on Bayzat.

Adding Individual Assets

  • Click on Add New Assets and select the first option to add an individual asset

  • Fill in the details of the asset as shown below and select the status from the drop down list (Working, In Repair, Damaged, Obsolete) to help manage the status of your assets.

  • Upon Saving, you can assign the assign to an employee by clicking assign.

  • Fill in the name of the employee this asset is given to, add any remarks and assign to save on their profile and maintain a record.

  • Upon saving, you will be directed to a list of all stored assets where you can search and filter through your asset list and make any edits as needed by clicking on the asset menu icon.

  • You can also export a list of all your assets by clicking on the Export Assets button.

Mass Uploading Assets

  • To mass upload a list of all your assets, you can use the mass asset import option as shown below

  • Download the asset template form to fill in the details of all your company assets.

  • Fill in a unique serial number and the required fields for each asset and select the employees to assign assets to from the drop down list provided.

  • Upload the completed excel sheet back onto Bayzat to mass upload and assign all your assets. Individual employee profiles will be updated with the assigned assets.

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