If you have allotted assets like laptops, mobile phones, etc. to employees in your organization, you can fill up the details for these on the onboarding sheet, so once this is updated on your Bayzat account, you can keep a track of these assets directly via the Bayzat app.

The details you need to fill in for each asset are -

  • Asset Type - laptop, mobile phone, vehicle, sim card, charger, etc.

  • Make - brand name of the asset. For eg. Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, etc.

  • Model - model number of the asset. For eg. idea pad 330, iPhone X, etc.

  • Status - if the asset is working, obsolete, damaged or in-repair.

  • Employee Name - the person to whom this asset is assigned.

  • Purchase Date - purchase date of the asset.

  • Assigning date - date when the asset was assigned to the respective employee.

  • Office - which office location is the asset at.

  • Serial Number - Unique serial number of the asset.

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