Time Off Data

What is Time Off data?

To be able to set up time off rules and balances on the platform we need to understand the following for each employee:

  • Type of leave cycle you follow.

  • Different leave policies and allocated days for each leave type.

  • Actual consumed/used number of days for each category.

  • Reporting structure for leave requests.

Why we need your time off data?

Leave records is the most time sensitive data you store for each employee. Gathering not only accurate records but the most recent data you have recorded is crucial for the effective use of the platform. To enable time off on Bayzat for your employees, we must calculate and show current leave balances for every employee as of the date the account is active and visible on the application.

How to fill in Time Off

Configuring time off on Bayzat involves 3 key steps:

Step 1: Creating Leave Policies
Step 2: Calculating Leave Balances
Step 3: Setting up the Reporting Structure

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