If you have frequent adjustments to employee salaries related to variable pay items such as commission, overtime, bonus or any monthly addition on a regular basis for multiple employees, you can use our mass variable pay upload feature.

This allows you to fill in an excel sheet with all you adjustments and upload it to Bayzat, where employee salaries for the month will automatically be adjusted visible on the payroll table.

  • Under Settings, click on Configuration and click on the Payroll.

  • Download the Variable Pay excel file to add your variable pay amounts.

  • You can add additional categories if needed as shown below.

  • Fill in the template with the pay data (amount, remarks, dates associated with pay items) for the relevant employees to be paid this month.

  • Upon completion, save your file and upload the updated excel sheet back on the platform.

  • Your employee pay data will be updated and visible on the Payroll Table as shown below.

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