Step 1

Under an employee's profile, click on Payroll. You will be directed to the Active Payroll Month tab as shown below with details of the current month's payroll.

Step 2

To add variable pay for an employee's current month's salary, click on Add/Edit Variable Pay Item

Step 3

Fill in the details of your variable pay items including:

  • Type of variable pay from drop down list

  • The date range for the period this variable pay is associated with

  • Any remarks/notes with regards to this payment

  • Amount to be paid

Note: Remarks will be visible on the Active Payroll Month tab as shown below.

Hovering over the remark will display who the comment/remark was made by and when. In the example below, Emre added commission to this salary on the 1st of May 2020.

You can add additional variable pay items, make edits to the basic and allowance components as needed, and changes will be saved as Remarks for reference.

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