To upload the check in and check out times in bulk, please follow the below steps

Go to Settings > Configuration > Attendance > Start

You can upload biometric data in 2 ways -

  • A. Either you can enter the check in and check out timings directly on the platform. Close the dialog box if you wish to enter the data directly on the platform by clicking on the X icon, as shown below.

  • B. Or you can upload it via excel. To do this, click on the Download Excel template, as shown below

1. Entering the data directly on the platform

You can enter the check in/check out data directly on the platform by adding rows clicking on the Add row icon as shown below

Double click on the Employee name cell to get the employee list and choose the employee from the pre-fetched list to enter their biometric data.

Enter the check in date and time by double-clicking on those cells against the employee name

Select the check in date from the calendar, as shown below:

Select the check in time from the clock as shown below:

Similarly, enter the check out date and time

Once done, click on Save

Once the data gets saved, you can either choose to Go to attendance report or Add more data

2. Uploading the data via Excel

In case the data is huge, for eg. you want to upload check in and check out data for the past one or two months, then you can do so by downloading the excel file and entering all the data in excel and then uploading that excel back to the platform.

Click on Download Excel template

Once you download the excel, all you need to do is input the data in the downloaded excel as shown below


  • Employee names in the excel can be selected from the drop-down.

  • There are validations for each cell.

    • Check-in time can not be higher than check-out time

    • In the case of upload, the dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Once done, you can upload the updated excel to the platform by clicking on Upload Excel file and then click Save.

Note: If you try to enter the data for the same set of employees for a date where they have already checked in and checked out, then the check in and check out times will get overridden by your data.

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