1. Mass uploading Deductions-

Step 1 - Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Payroll -> Click on Start as shown below

Step 2 - You can enter the deductions data in 2 ways-

A. You can choose to close the dialog box and enter the data directly on the platform

B. or you can click on the Download Excel template option and enter the data in excel, then you can upload the excel

A. Method 1 - Entering the data directly on the platform-

A.1 - You can enter the deductions data directly on the platform by adding rows clicking on the "Add new" option as shown below

A.2 - Double click on the Employee name cell to get the employee list and choose the employee from the pre-fetched list to enter their additions data-

A.3 - Enter the other data like Deduction type, Incurred date, Amount, Reference number, VAT, and Note by double-clicking on that particular cell


i. Base currency will be pre-fetched from the payroll table. Hence, it will not be editable. If you wish to edit the base currency, you can change it from the payroll section of that employee and then enter the data in this table.

ii. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to be filled in the table. This means that fields like Reference Number, VAT, and Note are optional. You can keep them blank

iii. We have two ways of sorting values:

  1. For simple text, you can sort the values alphabetically i.e. ascending (A-Z) and descending order (Z-A)

- Employee name

- Base currency

- Deduction Type

- Note

2. For numerical data also, values can be sorted in ascending and descending order

- Incurred date

- Amount

- Reference number


All you need to do is just hover around the column which you want to sort in ascending order and click on the downward pointing arrow as shown below-

A.4 - Once you enter all the data on the table, click on Save

Note - If you click on Restart instead of Save, you will lose the data already entered in the table

A.5 - Click on OK to save the data

A.6 - The data gets saved once you click on OK

A.7 - Once the data gets saved, you can either choose to download the saved excel by clicking on Download saved Excel or Upload a new Excel file or go back to the main screen by clicking on Go back to Dashboard

B. Method 2 - Uploading the data via Excel -

B.1 - In case the data is huge then you can upload all the additions data by downloading the excel file and entering all data in excel and then uploading that excel back to the platform

Click on Download Excel template

B.2 - Once you download the excel, all you need to do is input the data in the downloaded excel as shown below


i. Employee name in the excel needs to be entered manually and it must match exactly as per the platform. It should be the First name followed by the last name, as entered on the platform. The system will NOT allow the excel to be uploaded if the name of the employee in the excel does not match with that on the platform.

ii. You can have multiple entries for the same employee i.e. in the above image, you can see that employee Manager One Company One is preset twice, one entry is for Advance and another entry is for Leave Encashment.

B.3 - You can then upload the excel by clicking on Upload Excel file

B.4 - The data gets uploaded on the table as shown below, click on Save

Please note that if you try to enter the same data for the same set of employees twice by either entering the data directly on the platform or by uploading an excel, the data will get uploaded twice and does not get overridden.

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