With company announcements, you can send out company-wide announcement messages to all your employees on the Bayzat app.

  • Under Company on your menu panel, click on Announcements¬†and then click on 'Create Announcement' to create your message using images, attachments, etc.

  • Once done, click on 'Publish' to send your announcement right away, or click on 'Save as Draft' to come back and send it later.

  • Under 'My Drafts', you will be able to come back to your unpublished announcement and Preview, Publish, Edit, or Delete it.

  • On each announcement, you will able to view the number of employees that have viewed your announcement. Clicking on 'Viewed by' gives you further details.

  • Employees can view all published announcements on the Bayzat app


  • Only Super Admins and People Managers on Bayzat can create and send announcements

  • Announcements can only be created on web, not on the mobile app

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