Why invite employees?

Inviting employees is necessary to give them access to the platform, whether on the desktop version or mobile app.

How to invite existing employees?

Step 1

Click on Employees under Employee Records.

The Send Invite button on an employee row indicates that the employee has not yet been invited to access Bayzat and allows you to send an email invitation.  

Step 2

Click on the Send Invite button

You can invite employees individually or in bulk. To invite a single employee, click on the invite button next to their name, confirm the details and click invite. 

To invite multiple employees, select all or multiple employees using the check box and click on invite.

To invite employees, it is mandatory to fill in a valid Work Email ID (or personal email ID if the employee does not have a work email ID, but this has to be placed in the 'Work Email' field on the Work tab).

Once invited, the employees receive an automated registration email from noreply@bayzat.com to register and login to their Bayzat account.

Note: An email invite expires within 3 days, so if an employee does not register to their Bayzat account within that time period, you will have to resend them the invite.

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