If you have sent an employee invite to the wrong email ID, you can change the work email ID field and resend the invite 'as long as the employee has not yet registered on Bayzat'.

Step 1

Delete the old invite

On your Dashboard, click on Invite Employees under Active Invitations

Select the Pending Invitations, where you will see a list of all employees invited but not yet registered. Delete the invite for the relevant employee by clicking on the Delete icon.

Step 2

Update the correct/new email ID on the employee's profile

Under the employee's Personal tab, scroll down to Contact section of the employee, click on Edit, and update the correct/new email in the Work Email field and click Save.

Step 3

Finally, on the Employees tab, click on the Send Invite button next to this employee's name to resend the registration email.

NOTE: If the employee has already used the email invite to register with Bayzat, you will see that the Work Email field is greyed out for them and you won't be able to update this at your end.

However, you can easily reach out to our Customer Support team and ask them to get this updated at the back-end. To do so, simply click on the purple button at the bottom right hand corner of your Bayzat account, and in the pop-up window, click on Send us a message, and you can chat live with our Customer Support representative requesting an email ID change.

On the Bayzat App, the Customer Support team can be reached by clicking on the 'Question Mark' logo at the top of the screen.

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