A deduction is a negative pay adjustment you make to an employee's salary outside of their basic salary components. You can create your own list of deduction categories. 

There are 2 types of deductions on Bayzat:
1. Single Deduction: Single/one time deduction from an employee's current month salary.
2. Recurring Deduction: Sum of money automatically deducted over multiple months where you can customize the payment terms.

To create new salary deduction categories, follow the below steps:

Step 1

Under Settings, click on Configuration and click on the Payroll tab.

Step 2

Expand the Deductions tab and click on Add New to create a new category.

Step 3

Fill in the name of the deduction type and save.

To access deductions, click on Adjustments on an employee's Active Payroll Month tab and on the Adjustments tab under payroll on their profile to be edited as needed.

Your list will be visible when you create a new adjustment for a deduction or recurring deduction as needed.

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