All payroll adjustments (additions and deductions) can be created and viewed on the Adjustments tab under Payroll on an employee's profile as shown below.

To create a new deduction for an employee, click New Adjustment and select Deduction or New Recurring Deduction as seen below.

Fill in the details of your deduction, specifying the total amount to be paid back and the number of terms for repayment (over how many months if it is a recurring deduction).

Note: You can adjust the monthly payment amounts if needed, but ensure the sum of all monthly payments is equal to the Total Amount.

Upon saving, payment details will be shown for each month. You can edit it if required by clicking on the edit icon.

The deduction is automatically reflected on the payroll table.

Clicking on an employee row (or active payroll month tab on their profile) gives you further details of the deduction.

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