Payroll Data

What is payroll data?

Salary figures and breakdown for each employee (basic and allowances) and bank details.

Why we need your payroll data?

To generate monthly pay slips with additions and deductions for each employee, and to maintain accurate data for timely monthly payroll closing and processing.

How to fill in Payroll Data

The payroll sheet is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Payroll: payroll data for each of your employees with a breakdown of salary.

  2. Expense Management: defining approvers for work expenses submitted by employees.

  3. Company Bank Account Details: Bank account holder's name and IBAN details.

Step 1: Filling in Payroll data

On the payroll tab (C), fill in each of the fields according to the salary breakdown of basic and allowances. You can add additional allowance columns as needed.

For each of your employees, indicate the method of payment and bank IBAN details where applicable.

Let us go through each of the key data points to understand:

  • What are the specific data points required

  • Why we require each of the data points

Step 2: Expense Approvers

On the payroll Expense Management tab (C.1), identify the approval levels required for approving any work expense submitted by each employee.

Let's look at an example: when Justin submits a work expense request, it should be sent to both Brian and Talal for approval. 

Step 3: Company Bank Account Details

On the Company Bank Account tab (C.2), fill in the details pertaining to the Trade License name, Bank account holder's name & the company IBAN.

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