Step 1

Click on Settings > Configuration > Attendance > Overtime Policy > Add New to Setup Policy for overtime and name the policy under the Policy Name section as shown below

Step 2

Define whether the employees can themselves request Extra hours or not by enabling/disabling the toggle button

Step 3

Select the hourly rate - Single Rate or Custom Rate


  • At a time, either the Single Rate OR the Custom Rate can be selected.

  • The rate multiplier will be 1.5 by default

  • The rate multiplier is an open numeric field with a min value of 0.1 and no max value. Decimals will be rounded off to 2 values.

  • Salary component will have 2 selections = 'Basic Salary' OR 'Basic Salary + Allowances'

  • The default 'salary component' selected will be 'Basic Salary'

  • The days calculation will have 3 selections - Actual Calendar Days, Actual Working Days, and Custom Days

  • By default, the 'days calculation' will be Custom Days with the default days value being 30 days which can be edited as required.

  • The default 'number of hours' value will be 8 hours

The formula for Daily Rate = Salary Component (Basic OR Basic + Allowances) / Days (Custom days OR Calendar days OR Working days) * Working hours per day

Step 4

Assign employees to the overtime policy by clicking on the employee name or the '+' sign on the left-hand side to assign him/her to the policy

Note: At a time, a single employee can be assigned to only one overtime policy. You will see the tag Unavailable besides the employee name if he/she has already been assigned to some other overtime policy as shown above.

Step 5

Once reviewed, click on Save

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