Our employee experience just got a whole lot more interactive. We are excited to bring to you Bayzat Newsfeed where:

  • Company admins will be able to create & customize engaging posts.

  • Colleagues can wish one another on their birthdays and work anniversaries.

  • Employees can view, like, and comment on posts that company admins share.

What is our goal?

To boost engagement among teams and create a forum for discussion, debate, and celebrating each other's wins.


The Bayzat dashboard on the desktop has a new & improved layout featuring your company’s news feed.

User Generated Posts

As a Super Admin or People Manager, in addition to the actions available to employees, you can also:

Please note - Only Super Admins or People Managers can create, schedule, edit or delete posts.

System Generated Posts

The system has the ability to automatically create posts for upcoming celebrations, inspiration quotes & product updates.

  • Employee Birthdays/ Work anniversaries

  • Daily word of wisdom (Quotes)

  • How was your week?

Click here to see a detailed explanation of the actions mentioned above.

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