On Bayzat, you can customize your leave policies and create your own list to include work from home, remote work and unpaid leave as needed. 

How will this help you?

  • You can keep track of employees working from home and number of days worked remotely 
  • You can calculate unpaid days

To create your new time of policies, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set up a new time off policy

  • Go to Settings > Configuration > Time Off
  • Expanding your time off policies, you will see a list of all your existing policies, click on Add New to create a new policy 
  • Fill the details of your new policy as shown below
  • You can edit your policy if needed and create additional policies by clicking on Add New

Step 2: Activate the policy for employees

  • On an employee's profile, under the Time Off tab, click on "Set Up" to activate the new policy visible (scroll right to view all policies)
  • Confirm the number of days allocated and used if the employee has already consumed any days of this leave type and click on update days. 
  • You can request for this new type of leave on behalf of the employee if needed by clicking on New Request
  • Fill in the details of the leave request. It will be automatically approved.

Step 3: Track leave days requested 

  • On Time Off, select Time Off Requests and click on the Download button 
  • The report will show you (1) allocated days (2) days used (3) days remaining, for each leave policy set up for all employees. You can view employees and days for the specific new leave policy created

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