What is Doctor Bookings?

Bayzat has partnered with Healthhub, an online directory of over 1,300 facilities and doctors, to offer doctor bookings directly on the Bayzat app.

For any doctor available within your network, we'll display a picture, nationality, languages spoken, certificates, and a brief biography of the doctor. 

How to book your appointment?

Under My Benefits on your Bayzat menu tab, click on Health services. You can also jump to the Health section directly by clicking on the Health tab in the bottom navigation.

From this page you can:

  • Search for all doctors relevant to your symptoms or specialties.

  • Find a hospital or clinic covered under your policy.

  • Reach out to our customer support team for any assistance.

  • View all your upcoming and previous appointments.

Clicking on See a doctor will take you to a page that gives you 2 options -

  • You can try an online doctor consultation (the first consultation is free)

  • You can book an in-person visit.

On the next page, you can search as per specialty or symptom, search as per location, hospital or doctor name and also view all facilities and doctors you have bookmarked.

Click on the search box to start searching by specialty or symptom - don't forget to enter at least 3 letters so that we can show you appropriate symptoms!
You can toggle to see only Specialties or Symptoms.

Once you've selected the symptom that best describes your current physical condition or selected which specialty you want to see, you can search by either doctor or hospital name.

To search by hospital, click on facilities with Online booking listed in the bottom right. You can adjust your search results in the following manner:

  • Sort the facilities by Distance - closest first or Rating.

  • Use filters to show facilities that meet specific criteria.

  • Switch between Map and List view.

To search by doctor, click on the doctor of your choice from the list.

  • Use filters to show doctors that meet specific criteria.

  • Switch between Map and List view.

Once you've selected your doctor, you'll be able to see:

  • A nicer looking layout making it easier to read the doctor’s information at a glance!

  • A map view of the facility the doctor practices at!

Not too sure about the doctor? No problem! You can see similar doctors who practice in the area as well!

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