On Bayzat, you can customize your leave policies and create your own list of leave policies such as vacation days, sick leave, or any other type of leave your employees are entitled to. 

Once your policies are created, you can choose to activate them for employees as needed. 

Step 1: Create your time off policies

Under Settings, click on Configuration and select the Time Off tab.

  • Click on the Time Off Policies section, you will see a default list of policies automatically created when your account is configured, you can edit the settings as needed by clicking on the edit icon of an existing policy or click on Add New to create a new policy.

  • Define the rules of the new leave policy by filling in each of the fields, specifying whether this is a paid leave or unpaid leave policy (click here for unpaid leave policies).

Step 2: Assign the leave policy to employees entitled to the allowance

  • Assign this policy to the relevant employees as needed using the "+" icon as shown or click on Assign All if this policy is applicable to all employees. Scroll down and click Next when complete.

  • Confirm or edit the details shown for each employee (Allowance, Pro-rated Days, Carry Over Allowance, Days Carried Over, and Used Days). For example, if one of the employees has already consumed/applied for days of this leave type in the past, you can edit the Used Days column.

  • Your new leave will be added to your list of leave policies and you can make edits as needed to the policy or add/remove employees to this policy by clicking on the leave menu icon.

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