You can track important dates you store on an employee profile. These include any of the following:

  • Hiring Date

  • Probation End Date

  • Departure Date

These dates are stored under an employee's Work tab.

1. Hiring Date

If the time off has already been set for an employee or they have already requested for leave on the Bayzat app, you will see that the Hiring Date field is greyed out for them and you won't be able to update this at your end.

However, to have this updated from the back-end, please reach our Customer Support team by clicking on the purple button at the bottom right hand corner of your Bayzat account. In the pop-up window, click on Send us a message, and you can chat live with our Customer Support representative requesting a change in the Hiring Date.

On the Bayzat App, the Customer Support team can be reached by clicking on the 'Question Mark' logo at the top of the screen.

Note: Changing the Hiring Date for an employee at the back-end might cause some changes in the leave balance of the employee, so please make sure that you update the correct Hiring Date for all employees in the first go itself, so as to avoid this scenario.

2. Probation End Date

Please go through this article which explains in detail about Probation End Dates.

3. Departure Date

Click here to learn how to offboard employees from the platform and update their Departure Date and Reason for Departure when they resign/are no longer a part of your organization.

To run reports and track dates, you can download your employee records data in excel format where you can sort and run reports on all stored key dates for each employee.

Also, check out our People Dashboard, with real-time reporting on important HR metrics that you can start tracking immediately on Bayzat. 

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