Setting up the hierarchy for time off allows you to define who approves time off/leave requests for each of your team members.

There are 3 main steps to this process:

Step 1: Assigning Line Manager Permissions to any manager required to approve leave requests

  • All managers who are required to approve leave requests must be first assigned a "Line Manager" permission under Role Management. Click here to learn more about assigning permissions.

Step 2: Define whether the Line Manager is a final decision maker or not

  • On the Line Manager's work tab, the first check box under Reports To will automatically be selected indicating that they manage time off for their team (having line manager permissions on Bayzat). 

  • If they are not the final decision maker for their team's leave requests, select the 2nd check box where leave requests have to also be approved by the next manager in the reporting line. 

Step 3: Define the reporting line for each employee using the Reports To field

  • On each employee's profile, you can select who their leave requests should be sent to under the Reports to field 

  • Under the Work tab, scroll down to Reports To and fill in the name of this employee's approver for all leave requests

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