When a leave request is submitted by an employee, the following permissions on Bayzat will be notified by email and on the Bayzat app:

  • Line Manager

  • Super Admin

  • Time Off Manager

You will be directed to your Time Off Requests tab, where the notification badge indicates the number of pending leave requests to be actioned

  • The requests are auto-filtered by Pending leaves, showing only those pending your approval. You will be able to see details of a leave request on each card.

  • Click on Approve or Reject as needed to action the request

  • Clicking Bayzat Insights gives you a snapshot of this employee's time off balance and any overlapping team requests during the same period.

  • You can view and comment on any leave request by tagging using the @mention the employee or Line Manager under the Comments section.

  • Click on the leave menu icon to edit, delete or change the status of a leave request.

- A leave request must be approved by all managers in the reporting line to be fully approved and days deducted from an employee's balance.
- The employee is notified when their leave is actioned or commented on.

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