With the features mentioned below, you will have better visibility of the policy benefits of your group insurance plan as well as insured/uninsured employees.

Ability to download active member list

You now have the ability to download the active member list from the Bayzat platform. The list is downloaded in .xlsx format. GDRFA data points such as Emirates ID number, visa file number, passport number, etc. are also present on the active member list export.

Note: The data in the active member list is representative of the status of members on the Bayzat platform. For example, if a member is marked as insured under Category A on Bayzat, this will be reflected on the active member list accordingly.

Visibility on members that were offboarded but still insured

You can now view any employees that were offboarded from the Bayzat platform, but were still marked as insured. This reminds you to process any removals for employees that may have left the company, thus avoiding any further charges. You can also process removals from this page in case you wish to do so.

Visibility on employees that are active on Bayzat but not insured

You will also be able to identify any employees that are listed as active on the Bayzat platform, but not yet insured on the company group health policy. You can also process an addition directly from this page.

Visibility on overview of benefits for each plan

Each plan under Current Policies will now have a Key Benefits section, that describes a few of the main benefits offered under that specific plan. You can also click on View all benefits if you require more details for the plan.

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