Work traveling just got simpler

The mileage feature on Bayzat helps both employees and employers in fair compensation for all incurred work-related travel expenses.

Organizations can set up a mileage policy, in case they don’t have one, for example, AED 0.50 per kilometer. This makes the reimbursement calculation fairly simple during verification and payment as there is a customizable approval workflow.

Bayzat’s Mileage feature

A fixed rate per kilometer traveled, is set at the discretion of the company on the app, based on the mileage policy. The reimbursement is then automatically calculated, as per the exact distance covered by the employee’s own vehicle.

This encourages the employee to drive themselves for business-related travel instead of taking a taxi, as they are aware that they will be accurately compensated. The travel distance can be uploaded on the app in three of the following ways:

  • Manual Calculation from point A to Point B: By manually entering the distance between both locations, wherein the expense will be calculated on the basis of the kilometers traveled.

  • Odometer reading: By entering the odometer reading prior to and after arrival at the destination for the distance and expense to be calculated.

  • Using Google Map Points: By entering the start and end destination location pins to exactly see the kilometers traveled.

How to configure a Mileage Policy (for Admins)

An admin will be able to activate mileage expenses for employees to be able to request for it by following the below mentioned steps -

  1. On the side-menu, click on Settings --> Configuration --> Work Expenses.

  2. Click on Enable Mileage Expenses to activate it.

  3. Add Mileage Rate per KM: This is considered when calculating the amount to be reimbursed for the distance covered.

  4. Once done, click on Save Changes.

Below are tutorials detailing a step-by-step process on how employees can request for mileage reimbursements on the web as well as on the mobile app.

How to request for mileage reimbursement on the Web

How to request for mileage reimbursement on the Bayzat App

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