If you wish to have a customized SIF file format, you can download it after reaching out to the Customer Success team to set it up for your account.

After the template has been set up by the Customer Success team, the transaction processor can access the file by following the below steps.

  1. In the transaction section, click on the "View Details" section as shown below -

2. Click on the "Download" option as shown below. If templates are not set up, you will not see the "Download" option.

Note: The payroll table manager will be able to view the download button but it will be disabled. Only the transaction processor will be authorized to download the transaction templates.

3. Under each download button, you will see the templates that are pre-set by the team. If you want to edit/ add new templates please contact the customer success team

4. Once you click on the template name, the required file will be downloaded into your system


i. You can download customized templates in .sif, .csv and .xlsx. formats for all trade licenses by providing the required template structure to the Customer Success Team

ii. You can set up more than one template per trade license

iii. You can add headers and/ or empty rows at the top

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