If an employee is paid through Lulu Exchange directly, you can select whether the employee will have the amount transferred into their salary card, or if they have not received their salary card, they can receive their pay in cash.

Step 1

From the dashboard go to Payroll table.

Step 2

Click on the employee name.

Step 3

Beside Lulu Exchange, click on View/Edit.

Step 4

Click on Payroll Card.

Step 5

If the employee has:

  1. Not received payroll card yet, then payroll card number will be optional.

    Employees will be able to receive their salary in cash through any Lulu branch using their emirates ID by providing their personal code (8 digit labor card number).

  2. Received their payroll card, toggle Yes and enter their payroll card number.

    Please note payroll card number will be mandatory to enter in this scenario.

Click on Save.

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