What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. This simply means you pay a monthly/yearly fixed amount and your family will receive the total payment amount should you pass away during the term of your policy. Our life insurance policies are provided by Swiss Re and Takaful Emarat.

How does it work on Bayzat?

The application process is all online on the Bayzat app, where you share your basic information, get an estimate of the policy price, make your payment and get insured without any medical examination.

  • Under My Benefits on your Bayzat menu tab, click on Employee Perks and select Term Life Insurance. Watch the video below to learn how to purchase your policy.

  • You will be directed to Takaful Emarat's payment gateway online to make your payment using your credit card.

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