To process payroll via cheque, please follow the below instructions:

1. Write a cheque that is

  • Current dated
  • Crossed with "Account Payee Only"
  • Pay against as: Lulu Exchange LLC

2. Deposit the cheque at the bank (full list of banks downloadable below) and wait for the fund release confirmation from your bank.

  • These are the preferred banks for Lulu Exchange with faster cheque realization and crediting of the amount 

3. An MPN number (reference ID) will be generated and visible on the platform

3. Upon receiving the confirmation of your funds release, return back to your transactions tab and click on Confirm Funds Released as shown below

4. Check the confirmation box to proceed as shown

5. Input you cheque number as your proof of payment and select bank details for your bank and that of Lulu Exchange in which you deposited the cheque and click submit

6. Navigating back to the transactions page, you will be able to view the status of your payment and will be notified when salaries are processed

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